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REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0: a safer knife for Chefs, only on Kickstarter

A limited edition of REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 by Franco Di Nicola is deing backed by

I have many years of experience in every kind of aspect of the catering industry, and I do know how important is to use the right tools. The knife is the main tool of every chef, a tool that should make the chef’s work easier and safer. I have started working at the Reverso Knife in 2008, following an accident in the kitchen.

Years of study on shapes and materials brought to the creation of REVERSO®KNIFE 1.0 in 2016, an instant success.
Adopted by starred chefs and appreciated for the improved comfort of use, safety and innovative material REVERSO®STEEL, REVERSO®KNIFE 1.0 is now ready for an upgrade.
REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 is ready for production on a limited edition available only on Kickstarter.

REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 – Innovation coupled with Italian design in the professional kitchen

Reverso Knife is a modular knife for professional chefs. It improves drastically safety and functionality.

Its innovative design improves drastically safety and functionality.

REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 stands out for its modular design, the excellent weight balance, the ease of use and its embedded security features.

This crowdfunding will finance the production of a limited series (90 pieces) REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 by Chef Franco Di Nicola.

Chef Franco Di Nicola

Franco Di Nicola is an appreciated professional chef. Back in 2008, he patented the first version of REVERSO®KNIFE, out of a concern for safety when transporting and storing very sharp professional knives.

The project was a success, the REVERSO®KNIFE is today present in many starred kitchen across Europe.

Peculiarities of REVERSO®KNIFE

Already on its first version, the REVERSO®KNIFE features a mechanical closing system, along with many more peculiarities. Its design balance perfectly the weight, making every movement more fluent and less stressful on hands and arms.

Ease of use

On traditional knives, the push forward the tip exerted by the chef creates soreness of the hand, and the thrust point on top of the guard generates a lever that dissipates strength. As a result, we have more thrust, more effort, worst results and wrist pain.

REVERSO®KNIFE fixes this by moving the weight to the centre of the blade.


REVERSO®KNIFE is foldable. Once folded, it is completely harmless, allowing for very easy transportation and storage




The steel used for the blade is called “Reverso Steel”, and it’s created just for us; you can find in it all the experience of “Mercury” a historical Italian knife brand.

This steel, which is about to receive the official label of QM ( Maniago Quality), is a new type of performing steel, 100% pure Inox and enriched with vanadium.

It has a hardness of 58-60 HRC and extraordinary alloy qualities.

Computerised quenching gives the steel a faint grain that translates into a tough and thin edge.




REVERSO®KNIFE is many knives in one, thanks to its ability to switch blades and attach gadgets. Its modularity consents to wash each component of the knife separately, achieving a higher level of hygiene.



REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 – The new project

REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 is a project intended to build on the positive experience on REVERSO®KNIFE and improve it even more.

The new design was developed with the help of Marco Amadio (prominent designer and director of studies at “Quasar-Unviversity of Design” ).

This crowd-funding is meant to bring the project to the light and start production and commercialization.

What I’m offering is a new kind of knife, never seen before, innovative and effective.

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